About Tools

Developer by nature

Hi, my name is Timm. I’m a Full-Stack Developer with over 15 years of work experience as a developer, team lead, and project manager.

Committed to delivering high-quality solutions that satisfy both user and stakeholder needs.

I believe that the outcome of a project should not only be well-coded and functional, but also visually appealing with a seamless user experience, which is why I enjoy collaborating with interdisciplinary teams.

Full Stack Expertise

Over the past few years, I have worked with various languages, CMSs, frameworks, and libraries. I have digitized intricate business processes, developed complex tools, created interfaces to connect highly diverse software and successfully completed numerous of projects for international clients.

Analyzing complex requirements, determining the optimal tech stack, and steering projects toward success are ingrained in my DNA as a developer.

Proficient in handling both backend and frontend development, ranging from complex infrastructures to compact interfaces.

Tools of the trade

This is what I do in no particular order:

01 CMS Development
02 API Integration
03 E-Commerce
04 Backend
05 Frontend
06 Wordpress
07 Headless Integration
08 Flutter
09 Vue.js
10 Node.js
11 Express.js
12 PHP
13 Scalable apllications
14 Mobile apllications
15 Accessibility Checks
17 CSS
19 Shopware
20 Javascript
Whatever is fun

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